CHEO Dream Weavers

A Dream Weaver is someone who is dedicated to shaping a better future for the children, youth and families who rely upon CHEO. It is also someone who is a donor and a volunteer who inspires others to become major donors and raise funds for special CHEO projects. These projects provide CHEO’s health care professionals with equipment, space and the education to ensure every child is the healthiest they can be.

CHEO’s Dream Weavers are a committed group of people who share a passion for inspiring the community to support excellence in our children and youth’s health care. By becoming a Dream Weaver, you will help inspire the support of others by taking your peers on special “behind-the-scenes” tours and information sessions with CHEO’s leaders, physicians and researchers so they can learn first-hand about CHEO’s special needs and opportunities. You and your peers will lead the community toward addressing CHEO’s needs by participating in fundraising activities that transform the dreams of better care into reality.

One of the many dreams that this very special group of volunteers is bringing to reality is Project Stitch. This will result in critical improvements to CHEO’s Day Surgery program: the relocation, expansion and modernization of the Day Care Surgery Unit – the first such improvements to this unit since CHEO opened its doors nearly 40 years ago. We understand that it is very stressful for the entire family anytime a child requires surgery and the stress is compounded when a child has to wait before an operation.

The impact of Project Stitch on patient care will be profound and immediate as it will:

  • Enable CHEO’s doctors to perform an additional 2,200 procedures per year, a 29% increase;
  • Dramatically reduce the wait times by up to three months by creating more treatment rooms and recovery beds;
  • Provide CHEO’s health-care team with the most technologically advanced equipment that will result in less invasive procedures for patients and quicker recovery times.

Project Stitch requires a community investment of $5 million which CHEO’s Dream Weavers are working toward.  Each member of this team has made a personal gift toward achieving this goal and they are looking for like-minded people in our community to help lead the way.

Would you like to change the future of pediatric healthcare? Become a CHEO Dream Weaver, and be part of our team. Please contact our VP Philanthropy and Community Engagement, Jacqueline Belsito, at 613-738-4247 or She can’t wait to meet you to help make dreams happen for our kids!

We thank all of our current CHEO Dream Weavers listed below who are helping us bring the community and CHEO closer together. Please join us to ensure our most precious resource is protected for years and years to come.

Charles Mirsky – District Realty

Peter O’Leary – Metroland Media

Kirk Wrinn – Moore Wrinn Financial Group Inc.