Promotional Materials for your Event

Thank you for helping raise money for the kids at CHEO. Below you will find a list of items we offer to help you host a successful event.

Personal Fundraising Page: The CHEO Foundation is happy to be able to support you through the creation of your own free personal fundraising page. Your page allows you to post photos, articles, and information while raising money at the same time. For more information, click here.

CHEO Bear – Mascot: CHEO Bear loves a good party! Be sure to book the Bear mascot costume two weeks prior to your event; this will give the Foundation staff enough time to prepare CHEO Bear. Be sure to read the “Do’s & Don’ts” of using CHEO Bear, click here.

CHEO Coin Box (small): The CHEO coin box (3” x 5”) is an easy way to gain instant recognition for your fundraising cause. You can place the coin box on your lemonade stand or even on a registration table to help raise funds. Let the box do the asking!

CHEO Donation Box (large): The large CHEO donation box (12” x 12” x 12”) is great way to get donations from guests. If you are hosting a BBQ, set this box at the ticket booth. You can even decorate the outside with your event logo and colours.

CHEO Stickers: Who doesn’t love stickers? CHEO stickers are great prizes for kids and even better as give-aways to the public. Spread the word of your worthy cause by using these CHEO stickers.

CHEO Event Poster: Get noticed fast! Decorate your entrance way with personalized CHEO event posters (24” x 36”). There is enough room in the box to write all your important event information and then some! Make the poster your own.

CHEO Donation Bears: Grab a stack of paper cut-out bears to sell at $1 or $2 dollars. Your donors can sign their name and be recognized on the spot at your event. You can display the paper bears on the wall – this is a great way to see the amount you are raising for the kids at CHEO!

CHEO Banner: Everyone likes to make their event festive. Make it easy by ordering the CHEO banner (2.5” x 4”) to wrap around your registration table lot or along the entrance way to the party. Be creative!

To download a print-friendly version of items the CHEO Foundation offers, please click here.

For more information on promotional materials or to order some for your upcoming event, please contact Carmen Wynn at or call 613-737-2785.

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